Energie Works 
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1528-B Zoo Pkwy

Asheboro, NC 27205


Located inside S&L Natural Foods


What we think, we become.

Thoughts become things.

Let’s take a walk on the

road to wellness. 

Afterall, Life is not about

the destination. 

It’s about the journey.

Sick?  Tired?  Tired of being Sick and Tired?  You have finally arrived to the place where you can CHANGE all of THAT!  Symptoms are a result of the body not getting what it needs. 

Start your journey here.  Not sure where to start?  Digestion is always a great place!   New Clients are highly encouraged to start with the Nutritional Exam.  FOOD is INFORMATION.  What are you programming your body to do? 

I am excited to share the many ways your body communicates to you.  The body communicates through reflex points, through the eyes, skin, hair, fingernails, tongue, feet, hands, and much more! 

Schedule an appointment and learn so much about your most important home - YOUR BODY!  Some of the services offered at Energie Works are listed to the left of this letter.  I look forward to working with you and helping you to re-establish balancing in your body.

With Gratitude,

Gina H Jones, Natural Health Practitioner

Energie Works Wellness & Nutrition Owner

S&L Natural Foods Co-Owner

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